About me

Hi there! I'm Simone Carta, I was born in Florence in 1993. I growed the passion of cooking from my grandmother and mother’s recepies, learning from them the first Tuscan and Ligurian traditional dishes. After graduation from the Culinary High School “Aurelio Saffi” in Florence, I continued culinary studies at the Master of Italian Cuisine in Vicenza, and then I worked in the most important Michelin Star restaurants in Florence, like Enoteca Pinchiorri and Ora d’Aria. An important working step is represented by the two years where I worked in the kitchen of the Acf Fiorentina sports center, where I played the role of Executive Sous Chef preparing daily meals for the team, in Italy and all around Europe. I collaborate with important culinary school in Florence, teaching in italian and english language.
In 2016 I founded my catering business, Dansi Rinascimento Culinario - Florence where I'm the owner and Executive Chef.
In 2022 I founded Ora Lab Food & Events - Prato, where I'm the owner and Executive Chef.

Working experiences

2022 / currently - Executive Chef Ora Lab Food & Events
2016 / currently - Chef owner Dansi Rinascimento Culinario 
2014 / 2016 - Executive Sous Chef Acf Fiorentina, Florence/Europe
2014 - Kitchen consulting Brutti&Boni, London
2014 - Ora d'Aria restaurant, Florence
2013 - Sous Chef La Capponcina restaurant, Florence
2012 - Culinary school teaching in Florence
2011 - Enoteca Pinchiorri, Florence
2011 - Ulivo Rosso restaurant, Florence
2010 - Borgo San Jacopo restaurant, Florence
2010 - Il Cardellino restaurant, Castiglioncello (Tuscany)

My services

Private Chef

Organization of lunches or dinners directly at your home: creation of an exclusive menu tailored to your needs and the number of guests. Service available on continuous period,  weekly or monthly (in holiday villas or on private yachts) or for individual events (dinners at home, birthdays, anniversaries). Give yourself the opportunity to organize a party, a surprise to those you love or a dinner between friends, enjoying it as if you were a guest: a chef at home is always a great idea!

Food Plating 

If, as the popular expression says, "we eat with the eyes", the visual presentation should be almost as important as the sensory qualities of the food. Based on specific needs and requests, I will study the best composition of individual ingredients and dishes in synergy with advertising agencies from all over the world. Shooting, videos, TV spots and other communication material will be elaborated using technical and aesthetic process in order to create quality content. 

Kitchen Consulting Service 

Service for who want start a restaurant business or want to change its style and food offer, through the study of the new preparations in the way of creating the new concept and related dishes. Selection of suppliers, development of the food and beverage offer, coding recipes with the relative production sheets, food cost.  An all inclusive package that will allow you to have tailored technical support.

Cooking class

My cooking classes are designed and organized for an amateur audience who wants to learn and have fun behind the stove, being able to replicate what they learned even at home. These meetings help to try kitchen technique with guided preparations and are also an excellent team building tool for companies . The lessons include a book of recipes and everything you need to have fun. The courses are organized in private locations, corporate spaces or directly at your home.

Show cooking & Brand Ambassador

I create recipes by interpreting the products supplied by the companies, telling and enhancing their organoleptic qualities. Cooking in front of the eyes of an interested public, with time for any questions and final tasting: in this way, the values ​of the products given by the company can be represented concretely. In addition to individual ingredients and food products, it is useful for presenting kitchen equipment, giving relevance to individual peculiarities.